Proverbs 226 Restoring Relationships


Proverbs 226, is a ministry which is aimed at fighting one of the most dangerous trends in America: the uncontrolled incarceration of children.

Proverbs 226 is a nonprofit 501(c)3 committed to making a “Generational Impact” by making a difference in the life of a child, one child at a time.

The vision is to impact one million children  in the next 10 years by providing college scholarships, mentoring and restoring broken relationships in communities.


DSDC Students learning data science.


The Data Science Digital Center (DSDC) is a training arm of Proverbs 226 which provides a means to an avenue of gainful employment for the socioeconomically disadvantaged.

DSDC provides education solutions that lead to upward mobility giving young adults an opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become part of what LinkedIn calls one of the hottest jobs in the world - Data Scientist.

Meet Cyril Prabhu

Cyril Prabhu, founder of Proverbs226, has a heart for the children and a deep desire to see youth reach their full potential. Cyril learned that children with a parent serving time in prison are far more likely to end up in prison versus those who do not. With the dream of freeing children from this likely “life sentence,” Cyril created Proverbs226 to be a support and encouragement network for these children. Through Proverbs226, inmates and their children have the ability to participate in organized events & activities. The events that take place inside the prison are geared towards encouraging, uplifting, and uniting the child with their parent.

Through his work with Proverbs226, Cyril saw the need for an innovative approach to help socioeconomically disadvantaged youth attain a brighter future. This vision led to the founding of the Digital Science Data Center.

Learn more about Cyril by hearing him tell his story:

Next Steps...

For information on how you can become part of the team bringing change and opportunity to at risk youth through innovative education, contact Cyril Prabhu.